We are a Polish manufacturer with 25 years of experience worldwide, creating high-end, tailor-made lighting systems.

From the beginning to the end our solutions are always provided by people for people with evenness that Technic, Quality and Design are the most important in every moment in the production process. Bearing in mind the facts mentioned above, we are sure that we are able to satisfy almost all customers’ needs.

Our core range of products include tubes lights with different dimensions, source of light (Power LED 1W or all kind of stripes LED and fluorescent tube) and advanced electronic equipment delivered by international well-known market players. We called this family of products AQUA, because it has IP68, which means that they are totally waterproof, can be used both indoors and outdoors. Our systems have been installed by customers in the following public and semi-public projects worldwide:

sport facilities, offices and administration area, hotels, shopping centres, education buildings, transport means, sacred places, leisure facilities, apartments, flats, agriculture.

Luxima is looking for cooperation with talented designers. We expect our designers to act as a buckle which would complete, close the whole idea and turn it into a form. We are looking for people not for creating needs, but for responding most appropriately to people’s needs.

We would like to create something more than only a company and its products. The majority of interesting and well-designed lighting forms are created abroad. Our aim is to support local market and promote our products also outside of our country. We would like the people who co-create our lighting systems to be engaged in the creation process and to understand the company concept, so we focus on the design education and cooperation with designers. Our intention is not only to sell, but also to promote good design, teach people and learn from them at the same time. In Poland, the appearance of streets, cities or homes is often the result of coincidence. Our aim is to promote knowledge about designing and to enable access to consultation on choosing products with well-qualified staff. At the same time, we want to make well-made and well-designed products  accessible for a wider range of people. The next advantage of our firm is its history, inherently connected with the Polish market. In our further development,  we would like to be associated with typically Polish brand and create new quality  for the Polish design in the lighting industry. We wish to use technological knowledge acquired for many years and the experience of our staff to contribute to the development of local entrepreneurship and to promote Polish products. We want to give customers the possibility to personalize the lighting, and the ability to customize it to their needs. What is very important to us is cooperation and conversation with people, as well as individual approach to every customer. We don’t want to create mass products and think in a corporate way, but to create a place, which is friendly for both our workers and consumers.

We expect from designers to act as a buckle which would complete, close the whole idea and turn it into a form. We are looking for people not for creating needs, but for responding most appropriately to people’s needs.

Nagrody i wyróżnienia

1st place during the “Światło 2002” (Light 2002) Fair for “The fully parabolic low-profile surface mounted luminaire series with T8 fluorescent lamps”

Distinction during the “Światło 2003” (Light 2003) Fair for “Low-profile luminaires used to exhibit artistic photography presentations and advertising materials

Distinction during the “Światło 2004” (Light 2004) Fair for “Luminaires to illuminate precision work stations”

I miejsce na targach “Światło 2005” za rodzinę miniaturowych opraw hermetycznych na świetlówki T5.

Second Prize of Polish Economy Minister during the “Światło 2011” (Light 2011) Fair in the competition for “The most innovative product or technology” for the family of lighting fixtures Taranis LED

First Prize in the contest for the best product of International Fair of Lightening Equipment “Światło 2011” (Light 2011) in the category “LEDs and their applications” for the family of LED lighting AQUA LED