The AQUA luminaire series features a unique design of miniature fluorescent luminaire hermetically sealed in a high-impact polycarbonate tube, while a special version designed to operate in extreme conditions uses tubes made of boron-silicon glass. In accordance with the splash and dust proof class requirements, AQUA luminaires achieve the highest possible IP68 factor. We offer AQUA luminaires for single and system installations requiring only a single power supply point, and which have proved to be a breakthrough for the external architectural lighting market. One power supply point is able to supply a lines of up to 2kW, allowing a 100 m long line to be utilised while maintaining a connection sealing level in accordance with IP68. No other manufacturer offers any equivalent to the AQUA system; we manufacture it using several proprietary design and technological solutions. The luminaires are fitted as standard with a reflector directing the beam of light, further improving their lighting properties. The luminaire design makes it possible to adjust the lighting angle, and all luminaires are equipped with miniature electronic ballasts by PHILIPS, OSRAM or TRIDONIC.